30 Jul 2014

Foolproof Pizza Toppings

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Whether you bake or grill, the trick is to keep the cooking for toppings and dough in synch.

  1. Cook meat and veggies before topping: Pizza doesn't bake long enough for most raw meat and vegetables to become tender and cooked through. It is better to use slices or crumbles than chunks, which will burn.
  2. Pick the right time to add toppings to oven-baked pizzas. Delicate ingredients may overcook if left in oven for full baking time. Better to add them about halfway through cooking.
  3. When grillling pizza, cover the grill after adding the moist toppings (like cheese or tomatoes) to your pizzas or they may not cook thorugh.
  4. Don't overload grilled pizzas, you'll risk losing part of the topping. Use the oven instead in this case.

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