1 May 2013

A Crash Course In Cream

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Wondering what the labels mean on containers of cream?

Light Cream (18 to 30% butterfat): Generally this is the same as half-and-half. 

Whipping Cream (30% butterfat): Will whip and thicken but not as well as heavy-cream. (Cream will only whip if it contains at least 30% butterfat.)

Heavy Whipping Cream (36 to 38% butterfat): Whips up well and holds its shape. Doubles in volume when whipped.

Pasteurized vs. Ultra-Pasteurized: Ultra-pasteurized whipping cream has been heated to a higher tempeature than regular pasteurized in order to extend its shelf life. Ultra-pasteurized cream takes longer to whip and will not retain peaks like regular pasteurized.

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