Our promise to you...

All the information we collect from you will be for statistical and demographic purposes only. We will not give out your information or sell it to others. Further, we will not send you junk mail either. We will only email the following:

  1. We will occasionally send out notices to subscribers to Louisiana Kitchen magazine (renewal notices, mailing notices, reminders).
  2. We will send our eNews letter to all who forward recipes from the web site. This can be canceled with one click.
  3. The eNews we send out weekly will have appropriate advertising that is reviewed and in keeping with our editorial and marketing standards.

All the information we gather...

The following is a table that summarizes all the information we collect from users and how we use it:

Information How we use it...
Email Address Your email address is collected when you provide any comments on content. Collecting email addresses serves as a way to limit abuse of the system, as noted we also will remind you (if you are a subscriber to the print magazine) when your subscription is due for renewal.

Your email address is never displayed publicly on this site. 

We also will email (on Thursday) any eNewsletters you have subscribed to.

Your email address is never sold to third-parties. We will on occassion send you promotions from our advertisers. 

Name You are not required to create an account to use this site - it is open to all who care to browse, read or provide comments. The comment form does require you to provide your email, this is done to limit spam comments. Your name is also requested on the email newsletter form
City, State, Zip, Country Your state is reqested as an option when you sign up for our emaill newslsetter. This helps us provide marketing information to advertisers in the email newsletter.

Anything else?

Are we forgetting anything? Do you have any other questions we can answer for you and place on this page so others don't have the same questions? Contact us.