Heurigen, An Austrian Wine Fest Date

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May 28, 2017
Heurigen, An Austrian Wine Fest Date
Time: 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Rooted in history and known for its charm and simplicity, the Heurigen tradition dates back the 1700s when local Austrian winemakers served their most recent wines for short periods during the season, with simple food and local music; known for an atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit, a casual setting where friends gather for wine, food and music. Heurigen proprietors hung pine branches above their doors, signaling the community it was ausg’steckt (ready to serve the public). 
Traditional music of the Heurigen is known as Schrammelmusik, named for the Viennese composers Johann and Josef Schrammel. The style originated in the late nineteenth century and is still performed in present-day Austria. It is a melancholic yet melodious sound, typical of the Viennese attitude towards life and will be performed Kate Withrow of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra on violin and Jesse Reeks on accordion.
For both wine lovers and cultural lovers, the Deutsches Haus’ Heurigen will offer a unique opportunity to experience a warm, wonderful Austrian tradition locally – one that is sure to become a New Orleans tradition, just like our Oktoberfest.
Venue:  Deutsches Haus
Address:  1023 Ridgewood Drive, Metairie, LA
Contact:  Casey Fos amiroler@yahoo.com
Admission Cost:


Phone:  504-458-2527