St. Bernard Bird Festival

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Apr 27, 2018 to Apr 28, 2018
Annual St. Bernard Bird Festival
Time: Fri. 10 am - 4 pm, Sat 9 AM - 4:30 PM

Hundreds of people attended last year’s Bird Festival and witnessed many beautiful species of migratory birds. Many of these birds were captured and banded by specialists from Audubon Louisiana. You can witness the banding of these birds and get a very close view. Most of these colorful birds are returning to North America from their winter homes in South and Central America.

Experienced local master birder, Glenn Ousset, will be guiding visitors through trails in Eastern St. Bernard, as well as on the Festival grounds on both Friday and Saturday. The St. Bernard Art Guild and master woodcarvers will display their beautiful artwork, depicting many of these migratory birds. Indoor programs, featuring Dr. Erik Johnson of Audubon Louisiana, will be held in the Frank Fernandez, Jr. Islenos Center on the Festival grounds. 

Purple Martin expert, Krista Adams, will deliver several presentations on this beautiful visitor from the Amazon Basin. She will describe the migratory route of this insect-eating visitor and also display houses that are preferred by the Purple Martins. 

Linda Van Adam will host a native plant walking tour on the Islenos Complex grounds and present information on the local plants, as well as information on the 2000 year old log housed in a permanent exhibit near the native plant trail.

James Stram from Common Ground Relief Wetlands, LLC, an expert on re-forestation will give a presentation on re-forestation and restoration of the Coast.
Venue: Los Islenos Museum Complex 
Address: 1357 Bayou Road, St. Bernard. 
Admission Cost:  
Phone:  (504) 278-4200