An Attitude of Gratitude


As I am packing up  to hit the road on a fact finding mission for the next issue of Louisiana Kitchen it struck me: I am doing EXACTLY what I have always wanted to do. Near the beginning of my "career" I was a regional grunt for both Time magazine and The New York Times. This means I was the unfortunate soul who received the telephone calls at 2 am with instructions to get my ass out of bed and do things like drive into hurricanes or cross state lines to investigate trail derailments. I roved around the region and discovered all sorts of interesting things but nothing so fascinating as the cultural mishmash we have within the boundaries of Louisiana. There was born my desire to conduct a thorough, ongoing investigation into Louisiana's cultural gifts.

I have also been a lifelong participant in and admirer of the culinary arts.

And now I (along with my partner, Susan) own a publishing company (Our Kitchen & Culture) as well as our first publication, Louisiana Kitchen.

Even better, today  I am setting off on an exploration of the western parts of the state with our photographer and culinary media geek, David Gallent, who has become a dear and treasured friend who inspires and confounds me with every interaction.

Upon my return I will celebrate  Mother's Day with my fabulous daughter, Cecilia, my wonderful husband, Andrew, our five (I know, I know) beloved dogs, my best bud, Cyndi, and her husband, David. I treasure the company of every one of them.

Life is good. 



Had a GREAT time visiting with both you and David!!!  Thanks for stopping IN    Alex

A great beginning for a great magazine.
Debbie Gauthier was complimentary issue of the premier edition. Well, I'm sold. This is fine looking magazine; layout, content, structure, the whole shebang is up on a par with Saveur (one of my favorites. It's so nice to see a  culinary/culture publication in LA not focused just on New Orleans. Great Job Jyl and Susan. I'll be subscribing soon and look forward to future issues.
Ken Morrogh
New Iberia, LA