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Welcome to Louisiana Recipes

The fourth issue of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture is off press and will mail to subscribers over the weekend. I think it's our best yet, and look forward to hearing your thoughts. We're also deep into planning 2013, so now is the time to let us know if you have story ideas, or would like to see specific topics covered. Email Jyl what's on your mind. There's so much to talk about it's hard to narrow down our topics.

It's hard to believe that we're into November next week; the year has absolutely flown by and the holidays are just around the corner. November brings Chef Emeril Lagasse's legendary Carnivale du Vin, an auction and gala that has raised millions over the years for the Emeril Lagasse foundation. The foundation "supports non-profit organizations that provide educational programs, life skills development, culinary training, and cultural enrichment" for children. The main event is Saturday, November 3; tickets and more information are available here.

Last year marked the inaugural "Boudin and Beer" that kicks off the weekend; my picture here with Chef Paul Prudhomme was taken that evening. This year the event has doubled in size, with more than 50 chefs dishing up their finest. Tickets are $85 per person, and are available here.

Speaking of holidays, I hope you'll consider giving subscriptions to Louisiana Kitchen & Culture to many on your list. We've set a goal of 5,000 paid subscribers when we start the new year, and a few well-placed gifts ordered by each of you will help us get there.

Festival season is in full swing; our calendar below is loaded with ideas all around the state, and we're promised some cooler weather

And finally, putting this newsletter together each week takes both time and resources, neither of which are free. We are able to give this newsletter to you at no charge because of the advertisers you see here and in our magazine, and we ask that you support them. Our paying subscribers to the print magazine support this effort as well, and we thank you all.

Enjoy this week's recipes, and as always, let us know what's on your mind.


Susan FOrd                                                              
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Recent Blog Posts:

  Capparelli Salad  
Easy Chicken and Dumplings

I usually try to drop a few pounds before the holidays because here in South Louisiana, "The Holidays" don't end until after Mardi Gras, and that can be as long as a four-month stretch of not so cautious eating.

Shrimp are in season and plentiful, and this salad makes a substantial entree. Use prepared olive salad and roasted red peppers and it's ready in half an hour.


  White Beans with Lemon, Roasted Peppers, and Bacon  
Beans with lemon and roasted peppers

I like this combination of flavors a lot, and make this dish regularly to serve with any grilled meat. Leftovers are great, so I frequently double the recipe. I admit that it's better if you start with good-quality dried beans, and roast fresh red peppers yourself, but canned beans and jarred roasted red peppers make a fine dish as well.

Get the recipe here.

  Grand Autumn  
Grand Autumn

I discovered St-Germain liqueur about a year ago at a friend's house, and now keep a bottle on hand. It's great chilled or served over ice, with a floral, slightly sweet taste. But it really shines as an ingredient in a cocktail, with their signature drink including sparkling wine. This recipe is a bit robust, and aptly named; it features rye whisky, ginger beer, and bitters. Just right for a crisp autumn evening, which is what the weather speculators are speculating for this weekend. Cheers! 

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