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 Thanksgiving 2011  _
Louisiana Kitchen (Premieres Early 2012)

We hope you all had a fun, filling, stress-free Thanksgiving. We spent the day with friends, and some great cooks produced an incredible amount of delicious food.

Close to 30 people sat down at our friends Kevin and Tiffany Eyer's table shortly after 3:00 Thursday afternoon—it's always amazing how quickly the results of hours and hours worth of time in the kitchen can be eaten. As usual, the side dishes were devoured first. 

Leftovers: what to do with them? There are turkey carcasses to turn into stock, ham bones to simmer for soup, smoked ham drippings to use in beans, and lots and lots of leftover turkey and ham.

See our  list of easy to prepare recipes using leftovers. We will be adding more as the holidays progress. What do you do with your leftovers? Send us your stories, with or without recipes, and we'll add them. Check back often, as our collection evolves.

We are adding a gallery of photos from our feast—send along your own if you'd like to see them up there.

Enjoy the recipes, and have a great weekend.


My best regards,
Susan Ford, President
Kitchen and Culture Co.


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Here are a couple of ideas where your help will be most effective.

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