February 11, 2016  

With Mardi Gras behind us, it's time to regroup and rejuvenate for a couple of weeks, then get ready to throw ourselves straight into Festival Season. Some years, when Mardi Gras is late February or early March, we don't get the luxury of that breather; we're lucky this year. I took the opportunity to head back to Los Angeles for a few days. The Grammys are this weekend, and there's a Jazz Brunch Saturday celebrating the Louisiana nominees. Congratulations, and best of luck to them all!

My news is New Orleans-centric this week. My friend Chef Ben Thibodaux is sous chef at Cavan, opening nex week at 3607 Magazine Street. Chef Kristen Essig heads up the kitchen; they've planned a casual coastal menu that will feature seasonal dishes, all in a neighborhood atmosphere. 

Award-winning bartender Brian Kientz heads up the bar at Bellocq in the Hotel Modern (Lee Circle, St. Charles Avenue); he's hosting a Chocolate and Amaro pop-up there on the 16th. He's put together a menu of cocktails pairing the Italian liqueur with bittersweet chocolate. This is the first in a series of themed pop-ups scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month.

I get back to New Orleans on Sunday and will have a busy week, getting final touches on the March/April issue of the magazine, but hope to make time to visit both.

Enjoy this week's recipes, share them with family and friends, and as always, let me know what's on your mind. Happy Mardi Gras!

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Catch Mardi Gras

Fried Catfish Po'Boy

Fried Catfish Po'Boy

This easy recipe is a New Orleans favorite. The key is to make sure you're buying US wild-caught, catfish — or if you don't have access to wild-caught, at least make sure it is domestically farmed. Avoid the imported fish and seafood.

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White Bean Soup

White Bean Soup

One version or another of bean soup has been part of American cooking since colonial times. Substitute any dried bean for the Great Northerns called for here; adjust cooking time accordingly. Serve with hot buttered French bread, or your favorite corn bread.  

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Jacque Pepin's Baked Salmon

Jacque Pepin's Baked Salmon

This recipe is scaled to serve a crowd and is great served at room temperature, making it a great choice for a family gathering during Lent. It is easily halved or quartered if you have a weeknight family dinner in mind.

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