February 16, 2017


This weekend Mardi Gras continues in full gear all over Louisiana. I'm putting the finishing touches on the March/April issue of the magazine; as usual for this time of year, there are plenty of crawfish recipes in the issue; if you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen some of the yummy pictures we've posted from various photo shoots over the cycle.

Since crawfish are just barely beginning to come into season, I've been buying frozen crawfish tails, and I'll use this opportunity to drag out my soapbox and climb up on it. On one grocery-making expedition I was in a hurry and didn't realize someone had mixed the imported crawfish tails in with the genuine Louisiana crawfish tails; I'd looked at the top packet, determined it was local, and grabbed three off the stack. Well, when the finished product came off the stove featuring that one packet of imported crawfish it was awful; tasted fishy, muddy, and just off. We went back and checked the packaging, and sure enough, one of the three pounds we'd bought was an import. Nasty. So, do your research, pay attention, and only buy domestic seafood.

Last chance to enter to win: Lafayette is giving away an awesome Mardi Gras package: two nights' stay, several meals, VIP passes, and much more. Click here for details and get busy entering! The drawing is Monday.

Saturday you'll find me at the second annual Fête des Bouchers at White Oak Plantation on February 18. The event is open to only 100 spectators; tickets are $50  in advance and may be purchase by calling White Oak Planataion at 225-751-1882. You'll find me there with a fork in my back pocket!

As I'm sure you know, tornadoes devastated swathes of southeastern Louisiana last week; many people lost everything they owned, and are relying on shelters and food banks to help them get body and soul together. Should you find yourself in a position to aid, NOLA.com has a comprehensive list of ways you can contribute.

Enjoy this week's recipes, share them with family and friends, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind. Also, keep in mind that food banks struggle this time of year; consider making a donation if at all possible.


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It's time to start making your plans for Mardi Gras parades around the state; we've started compiling a list. If you know of a parade that we don't have listed yet, email the details you have to Jim and we'lll get it updated.

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Mario Batali's Roast Beef Po' Boy

Mario Batali's Roast Beef Po' Boy

Slow-braised roast beef is solidly on my list of comfort food, in part because of the drip-down-your-arms roast beef and gravy po' boys you can make with the leftovers. This recipe is from Mario Batali's Big American Cookbook. It does not disappoint! You can keep the roast beef and gravy warm in a crock pot if you're hosting Mardi Gras parties this weekend. Guests can help themselves when they come in to warm up.

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Crawfish Mac and Cheese

Crawfish Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is also up there on the list of comfort foods, and the addition of a full pound of crawfish tails pushes this over the top. If your local grocery doesn't carry frozen Louisiana crawfish tails, a quick online search yields lots of options. Yes, it's an indulgence, but it's well worth it occasionally. Just make sure they're not imported crawfish.

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Muffuletta Potato Salad

Muffuletta Potato Salad

This easy recipe is a snap to double or triple and is a great choice for a Mardi Gras parade route buffet. Just do heed the tip to nuke it a bit; the slightly melty cheese is divine.

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