February 5, 2021






My birthday was earlier this week; for my birthday dinner, I baked beautiful halibut fillets, roasted a pan of vegetables, and sautéed a skillet of garlicky spinach. (King cake for dessert!) This has become one of our go-to meals, and I'll get all the recipes written down with actual measurements instead of just eyeballing it. They'll be included in the spring edition of the magazine.

I wrapped up the February/March edition this afternoon and shipped it off to the printer; I'm going to be a GREAT boss and give myself the rest of the week off!

Enjoy the recipes below, stay safe and healthy, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind

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Crawfish Pie

Crawfish Pie

It's a little early for live crawfish, but with the proliferation of frozen Louisiana crawfish tails, there is no reason not to make crawfish pie any time. Just make sure you check the packaging to ensure that the crawfish were raised AND processed here-- you don't want the import..

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Bacon-Crusted Oysters

Bacon-Crusted Oysters

This recipe is from the legendary P&J Oyster company, and it really gussies up a fried oyster. They're super-crisp, with a flour coating, then an egg wash, then the Bacon Breadcrumbs. They're fried golden brown and served topped with fresh goat cheese. Delicious!

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Tabasco Spicy Chicken Wings

Tabasco Spicy Chicken Wings

If you're watching the Super Bowl this weekend, put these spicy wings on the menu. From the Tabasco cookbook, these should satisfy anyone who likes things spicy. Be sure to have some good quality blue cheese dressing on the side to cool things down.

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