January 4, 2018


Crab claws as weapons?? I made a big pot of gumbo and froze it in advance of my Christmas trip to Los Angeles; I knew our schedule was going to be hectic there, but I want seafood gumbo at Christmas. Our flight was at the crack of dawn, and non-stop, so I wrapped up the frozen gumbo and carefully packed it into my suitcase on the way out the door to the airport. I travel a lot, and know what I can and can't get through security, so imagine my surprise when my bag was pulled off and I was waved to the side. "Ma'am, do you have any sharp objects in your bag?" The agent started unzipping my bag as I'm thinking furiously... "I don't think so... there are crab claws frozen in my gumbo..." and that was it. The crab claws showed up on X-ray as stabbity weapons... The agents all laughed and waved me on. The gumbo was delicious.

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Tip of the Week: Easily Remove Fat from Stock


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West Texas Chili

West Texas Chili

Texans may consider beans in chili sacrilege, but, even though my family settled in south Mississippi in the very early 1800s, I guess the Yankee in me comes out when I make a batch. I have to have beans..

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Louoisiana Blue Crab Bisque

Louisiana Blue Crab Bisque

It takes about an hour to make the stock for this bisque, but most of that time is hands-off. The stock can be made in advance and refrigerated if you want to get a jumpstart on the finished dish; this recipe is from the talented Chef Brian Landry, who knows how to bring out the best in Louisiana seafood.

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Chicken Noodle Soup

This recipe boosts boxed chicken broth with maximum flavor and minimum fuss. Guaranteed to take off the chill of winter, and sooth a sore throat; add a soft boiled egg if desired.

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Cinnamon Star

Cinnamon Star

Exclusive for paid subscribers, you'll find this recipe on page 14 of the current issue. It's easy, and delicious; I am not an experienced baker, nor am I particularly crafty, but what you see here was my first effort. Give it a try!

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