July 23, 2021

Susan Ford



I'm on deadline for the next print edition of the magazine, and have things pretty well in hand. We have some great food slated, lots appropriate for tailgating and other social gatherings. I passed off leftover pasta salad and quinoa and black bean salad to a friend earlier this week, and she's reporting back that they're both delicious. They both pair well with anything off the grill.

For this week's recipes, I dug into the archives for any easy recipe with catfish--much as I love fried catfish, this baked dish is also on my favorites list. From my cookbook collection, I went back 20 years and pulled out a paella cookbook. It's a process, but the stock and sauce can be made in advance; the flavors are well worth the time. And finally, a pandemic favorite from Melissa Clark's excellent cookbook, "Dinner: Changing the Game" a chicken stir fry that's better--and faster!-- than anything you'll find on a Chinese take-out menu.

Enjoy the recipes below, stay safe and healthy, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind

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June-July 2021

Taste Tammany

Catfish Parmesan

Catfish Parmesan

From the archives, these catfish fillets are dipped in melted butter, rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs and Parmesan, and baked--start to finish, not much more than 30 minutes. Have a crisp green salad cold and ready to serve, and a spicy marinara for dipping the catfish.

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Shrimp Paella with Salmoretta Sauce

Shrimp Paella with Salmoretta Sauce

From Paella! by Penelope Casas, a cookbook I've had for more than 20 years, this dish, like most paellas, is a process. Save it for a day when you have some time to spend in the kitchen, and invite friends and family over for dinner. The salmoretta sauce is the key here; both it, and the seafood stock, can be made a day in advance if desired.

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Sesame Chicken with Cashews and Dates

Sesame Chicken with Cashews and Dates

From Dinner: Changing the Game by Melissa Clark, this classic Chinese dish is faster than takeout and twice as good. Have plenty of hot cooked rice on hand for serving, and be prepared to fight over the leftovers.

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