March 5, 2020





March marks the start of festival season here in Louisiana, and there are several lined up this weekend, with more to come all month, all over the state. See the calendar of events below if you need some ideas for the weekend.

Crawfish season is also in full swing; my local grocery store boils pots full every day, and the line Sunday afternoon stretched most of the length of the store to pick some up. I'm planning to do a boil as soon as the weather is reliably warm; plenty of friends around who'd be more than happy to pitch in for a feast some weekend soon.

After a nice break over Mardi Gras, I'm starting production on the May/June issue of the magazine and it will have a heavy focus on outdoor grilling—I can't wait to start tasting. My goal is to be sure my readers have plenty of tasty options all summer! Grilled corn is in heavy rotation each week as soon as it begins to come in, and I think it's going to be early this year. I bought Creole tomatoes over the weekend.

Speaking of weekend, don't forget to move your clocks back an hour. Much as I hate getting up an hour earlier, I love having the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. We'll all but move outside soon. Click here to preview the March/Apil issue (pictured above right; I'm really happy with the cover), enjoy the recipes, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind. Have a great weekend.

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March/April 2020

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Cajun Chilled Shrimp

Cajun Chilled Shrimp

This is one of my favorite ways to eat boiled shrimp. They'll keep in the marinade, refrigerated, for several days; they make a great low-calories snack, and are great with a mixed green salad for lunch or a light supper.

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Catfish Parmesan

Catfish Parmesan

As much as I love fried catfish, this is a nice change of pace. Baked instead of fried, the fish is coated in an herby breadcrumb/Parmesan coating. Try this for Fish Fry Friday supper.

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Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Oregano Butter

Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Oregano Butter

Easy enough for a busy weeknight, elegant enough for a swank dinner party, the tenderloins are marinated in a lemon juice/olive oil/garlic/oregano mixture, started on top of the stove, and finished in a hot oven. Tip: take advantage of the oven and put a pan of cubed potatoes in to roast for 30 minutes or so while you prep and start the steak.

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Crawfish Scramble

Crawfish Scramble

This is an easy brunch option- along the lines of crawfish étouffée, soft scrambled with eggs and topped with hollandaise. My Louisiana Kitchen & Culture subscribers  will find the recipe on page 25 of the March/April 2020 print magazine; subscribe today and get your own copy. We're offering 1-, 2-, and 3-year subscriptions starting at $25.

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