May 27, 2022

Susan Ford


Happy Creole tomato season.

We got back from our vacation Monday night and I went out Tuesday in search of them; I intend to eat at least one a day for the entire season. There truly isn't anything better; lots as good, maybe, but they taste like summer to me.

We spent 10 days in central Mexico and oh my, the food! It was so good, and I will be recreating some of the dishes for the next edition of the magazine, including a few featuring delicious Louisiana seafood. Ceviche, snapper Veracruz...

For the recipes this week, I selected one from Jarred Zeringue's new cookbook, Southern and Smoked: Cajun Cooking Through the Seasons-- a roasted Creole tomato soup. Next up, for Memorial Day grilling, one of my favorite barbecue chicken recipes; take the time to brine the chicken for at least 12 hours, overnight would be better. And finally, everybody's favorite crustacean, some garlicky grilled shrimp. Enjoy the recipes, stay safe and healthy, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind

Laissez les bon temps rouler!


Susan Ford, Publisher and Editorial Director

Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

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Roasted Creole Tomato Soup

Roasted Creole Tomato Soup

This summer recipe ups the flavor of tomato soup by roasting the tomatoes first. From Southern and Smoked by Jarred Zeringue, of the beloved Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse in Laplace, there are plenty more winning recipes in the cookbook. The restaurant and smokehouse was extensively damaged by Hurricane Ida and is just beginning to return to normal; shop their online store for a taste of Cajun.

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Barbecued Chicken Thighs

Barbecued Chicken Thighs

I love to grill bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs because, when grilled properly, the meat doesn't dry out like chicken breasts tend to do. The brining process in this recipe guarantees perfection.

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Grilled Garlicky Shrimp

Grilled Garlicky Shrimp

The shrimp benefit from an hour spent in a garlicky marinade; thread them onto skewers and grill quickly over a hot fire. Eat them as is, add them to a salad, stuff them into a taco, or grill up the perfect steak first, grill the shrimp while the steaks are resting, and you've got a perfect surf & turf dinner.

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