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Running late-- I am working on a hearty meat-based lasagna recipe and forgot to finish this yesterday! The recipe is for the upcoming holiday issue, and I'm really excited about it. I finished the sauce yesterday, and it's really good; today's the day to make pasta, assemble, and bake it off. My Italian husband is skeptical—his lasagna is cheese only—but it's going to be delicious. Finished product is going to be about 5 pounds... Friends and neighbors, beware! Leftovers coming your way.

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August 2020

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Taste Tammany Summer

Parmesan-Crusted Flounder with Crabmeat

Parmesan-Crusted Flounder with Crabmeat

From Tenney Flynn's "The Deep End of Flavor" (one of the best cookbooks I saw last year): "Dredging fish fillets in finely grated cheese instead of flour is an easy way to add extra flavor and crunch without a bunch of extra ingredients. For this recipe, a seasoned cast iron skillet is essential for forming a crispy, golden crust that does not stick. (Teflon doesn't work, trust me.) Finish with a simple meuniere sauce, or dress it up as I suggest here. This is not a hard dish, but you do need to have everything ready as it comes together really fast."

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Gulf of Mexico Seafood Stew

Gulf of Mexico Seafood Stew

From Kenneth Temple's beautiful cookbook "Southern Creole: Recipes from My New Orleans Kitchen": "Here in New Orleans, we call this dish a Court Bouillon. It is a perfect dish for fall weather."

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Firecracker Barbecue Chicken with Grilled Cherry Bomb Salad

Firecracker Barbecue Chicken with Grilled Cherry Bomb Salad

From George Graham's excellent cookbook "Acadiana Table": "Fire up the burners and light a fuse under an explosive new interpretation of a Deep South backyard barbecue standard. The chicken is set afire with a chipotle-infused sugarcane glaze, and the grilled romaine and cherry tomatoes ignite with a brushing of pepper jelly. This is the proverbial taste-bud explosion that will wake up your senses."

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Creole-Seasoned Pan Seared chicken

Creole-Seasoned Pan Seared Chicken

Fast enough for a weeknight but fancy enough for a dinner party, this is a meal in a dish, bursting with the flavors of summer. The sauce comes together in about 15 minutes, and is a good way to use up small amounts of leftover vegetables.

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