Join Aimee as she shares our Caribbean adventure as only she can while we return to Jamaica to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. This will be our fourth visit to one of the Couples Resorts and, I admit, after our first trip to an all-inclusive for our honeymoon, it has been difficult to vacation any other way. It reminds me of the color TV versus black & white story.

Some of you may be old enough to remember having a neat black & white television, with no remote control, and thinking it was the greatest thing since sliced bread – I am going to assume you have all been around since sliced bread. After that first time seeing a color TV, the love affair was over. All-inclusive resorts are just that. Food and beverage and room service an all those things are pre-paid for. It may cost a little more money, but I am sure no resorts are making a big profit when I am visiting the bar for a week.

Follow the the video links at the end of each episode!

Episode 1: Good Morning! (or This Spot Should Have Been Sponsored by Southern Living)
Here is Aimee’s first report from Louis Armstrong International, a much smoother beginning than our last near mis-adventure. You can revisit that trip here on this website at Bill & Aimee Go To Oktoberfest!

Episode 2: Happy Anniversary
This is our actual anniversary day, Twelfth Night, Kings Day, or Epiphany. Behind Aimee a little party is being set up on the lawn – not for our anniversary, by the way – and the Caribbean Sea is not too far in the distance.

Episode 3: Until Next Time, No Worries
Yes, there is another party right outside our balcony. Sadly, though, this was our last night. Really nothing better than a vacation like this at Couple Sans Souci in Ocho Rios… unless you happen to be spending it with Aimee. Fun Fact: Sans Souci translates to Without Worries. Until next time, thanks for sharing with us and no worries.