8 Feb 2017

Invest in a few wide-mouth half-gallon Mason jars

Submitted by susan

Think beyond canning, tea, and lemonade; these tall, relatively narrow jars can go in the freezer, and can handle heat. They're the perfect storage container for hot soups and gumbos. To avoid bacterial growth, you should never put a pot of hot soup in the refrigerator; the soup in the middle of the pot often takes too long to cool down, remaining a temperatures that allow bacterial growth. Instead, transfer the soup to a half-gallon Mason jar, put a lid on it, and pop it into the freezer. Pull it out and shake it every 30 minutes or so until soup has cooled, then transfer to the refrigerator. Since most of the volume is vertical, it takes up much less shelf space than a squat square, round, or rectangular container. 

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