27 Feb 2012

Keep Your Side Dishes Hot

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It always seems difficult to keep mashed potatoes piping hot while you put the finishing touches on your main dish . To keep them hot, transfer the  potatoes to a slow cooker set to low; adjust the consistancy with hot cream or milk as necessary.
Keep sauces and gravy hot by placing them in your fondue pot set to low. Creamy side dishes like sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, creamed onions all will benefit from your fondue pot. If you are setting up a buffet your fondue pot will fit right in.

To warm up your serving dishes and dinner plates make use of the hot air coming out of the oven vent on your stove top. The oven vents are typically located just behind the back burner. Warm serving dishes can keep your sides warm for an extra 10 minutes. Warm the empty serving dishes in a warm oven or in your dishwasher set to the rinse/dry cycle.