March 29, 2018

Easter and Passover-- no doubt opportunities for feasting abound this weekend. A glazed smoked ham was my family's traditional main event for an Easter feast, but the table was always loaded with every imaginable side dish. We usually ate the main meal no later than 12:30, as soon after church as possible. My grandmother would always start a pot of coffee around 3:00 in the afternoon, because her dessert side table was legendary, and various extended family members could be counted on to drop by for an afternoon visit and a little something sweet.

We kids would badger every adult in sight to yet another round of hiding Easter eggs, but Uncle Ray had to corral his dog Lady Bird, because she'd find the eggs, eat as many as she could, and hoard the rest for later.

Linked below you'll find a favorite recipe for glazed ham, an easy, elegant preparation for delicate spring asparagus, and a traditional shrimp boil if you're abstaining from meat on Good Friday.

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Glazed Ham

Glazed Ham

We made this ham for Easter last year; it feeds a crowd, you'll have plenty of leftovers, so plan for a pan of mac & cheese or potato gratin, loading either of them up with chopped ham, for later in the week. And above all else, save that ham bone for a pot of beans of some sort!

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Asparagus with Butter and Shallots

The delicate tastes of asparagus and shallots marry deliciously when sautéed in a little butter and olive oil. This dish pairs perfectly with ham, and is good hot or cold, making it a great choice for an Easter buffet.

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Shrimp Boil


Shrimp Boil

For those observing Lent, Good Friday is traditionally meatless, and this recipe is a good option for feeding a crowd. Get out your biggest pot and get started boiling. Save the sausage for the heathens in the crowd.

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Crawfish Cloud Bread

Crawfish Cloud Bread

This is an easy recipe and, once you make it, your mind will inevitably start churning out ideas for other delectables you could stuff in here. This recipe is available to paid subscribers and newsstand customers only; you'll find it on page 17 of the March/April 2018 issue of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture. Subscribe today, and get your copy next week.

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