Brie & Bacon Chargrilled Oysters


Recipe courtesy of Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar, Baton Rouge

Serves 4 to 8 oyster lovers

  • ½ pound bacon
  • ½ pound brie, rind removed
  • 1 stick butter, chopped 
  • 2 dozen chilled fresh Louisiana oysters 
  • rock salt

Brie and Bacon Chargrilled Oysters

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Cook bacon until crisp, drain, chop finely into bits and set aside. Chop brie into small pieces and place in a mixing bowl along with chopped butter; let bth come to room temperature. Once softened, stir until blended. 


When ready, prepare a grill to highest heat setting. Scrub oyster shells to remove sea grit. Open each oyster, discarding shallow tops; loosen oyster meat, leaving in bottom shell, and place on a tray. Divide brie mixture among oysters. Grill oysters 4 to 5 minutes or until bubbly. Carefully remove from grill and garnish each evenly with bacon bits. Serve immediately with crackers.


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