I made an amazing, simple pan of pasta last night.


Those little, sweet grape tomatoes were two pints for $4.00 last night at Rouses

I pulled out my 15" Lodge seasoned steel pan (I love that thing) and covered the bottom with a good bit of olive oil and heated it up. I diced a small yellow onion, added it to the pan, and sauteéd it over medium until translucent. I sliced five big cloves of garlic and added them to the pan and continued cooking until fragrant.


 I halved a pint of the tomatoes and added them to the pan, and cooked until they began to soften and break up. 

Then I stirred in a tablespoon of tomato paste and a splash of red wine, and seasoned with a little salt and pepper. I continued to cook over medium-low heat until the tomatoes were completely broken down and the sauce was thickened.

 Then, I started adding vegetables. A handfull of shelled edamame (adds a little protein), four baby bok choy, quartered, half a can of artichoke hearts, quartered. Whatever you have on hand. I mixed that up and let the vegetables warm through and begin to melt, then added a handful of chopped fresh oregano and sliced basil, and just stirred it through. The fresh herbs lose flavorif they're cooked very long. veggie-pasta 

Meanwhile, I had half a pound of Rouses sweet Italian sausage cooking on the grill, and some penne pasta cooked al dente and drained. I stirred the pasta into the sauce to coat, and added the sausage. I passed freshly grated reggiano cheese and hot pepper flakes at the table — it was delicious.

Here's the recipe.

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