August 27, 2015

I have enough basil to open up a basil store; later today I'm going to haul out the pecans I have left over from last year and make several batches of pesto with pecans instead of the more-traditional pine nuts. I love the stuff, it freezes well, and some tossed with a hot pot of pasta in the depths of winter will bring a welcome taste of summer.

For about 4 cups of basil, I toast about a half cup of pecans. I'll cut about 4 cloves of garlic into quarters and heat in a half-cup of olive oil until it softens a bit and flavors the oil; after the oil and pecans cool, the basil, garlic, and pecans go in the food processor and get finely chopped. With the machine running, I slowly drizzle in enough of the infused olive oil to make a thick paste, then stir in a generous half cup of freshly, finely grated pecorino, Romano, or Parmigiano-Reggiano blend, cheese.

Over the weekend I harvested the pepper crop and, for the first time ever, believe it or not, made jelly. Pepper jelly, to be specific, and it's great. I halved the batch prior to cooking and added rosemary sprigs to one pot; I'll use it to glaze pork chops and chicken. I've given you a method for the chops below, and wrote a short blog post about my inaugural jelly-making afternoon here. I never would have guessed the satisfaction that comes when those jar lids snap and seal....

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See our list of what's happening around Louisiana below and find something to do this weekend, even if it's just staying cool. Whatever you decide, enjoy the recipes this week, share them with family and friends, and, as always,let me know what's on your mind.

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Risotto with Crab and Shrimp

Risotto with Crab and Shrimp

This is a classic recipe from Venice, a city with a long history of seafaring expeditions. This recipe calls for shrimp and crab, but you may easily substitute any kind of seafood. Just make sure it's cut into 1/2" dice, so that it cooks quickly in the hot rice.

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Grilled Chicken on a Spit

Grilled Fiery Chicken

As you can tell from various parts of this week's newsletter, I like peppers, and like to cook with peppers. This recipe calls for a quick marinade that includes pepper flakes, garlic, and lemon juice; the chicken is marinated overnight then grilled. It's delicious.

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Rosemary Pepper Jelly Glazed Pork Chop

Rosemary Pepper Jelly Glazed Chops

See my blog on how to make pepper jelly; you'll have plenty on hand to make these delicious chops this winter. Add some apples cooked down with onion slices, and maybe some garlic mashed potatoes for a great meal.

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