February 12, 2021

Susan Ford




Brrr it's going to get cold! Rare here in New Orleans, we're expecting a freeze at least 1 night next week-- I'll have to bring in the plants and make sure the porch kitty's heating pad is on high. I wish she'd move inside, but at least I know she'll stay warm.

If the year were "normal" we'd be right in the middle of Mardi Gras right now. I suppose the bright side is, at least we won't be out in miserable weather. Everyone's already making plans for next year.

The February/March issue, pictured above-right, is in the mail; I'm told that the postal system still hasn't recovered from the holiday rush, so it make take extra time to reach your mail boxes.

Enjoy the recipes below, stay safe, warm and healthy, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind

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In the Mail:

Feb-March 2021

Taste Tammany

Swordfish Steak au Poivre

Swordfish Steak au Poivre

This is an excellent choice for a delicious Valentine's Day dinner. As written it's cooked on a grill, but given the weather this weekend, inside would be better. Heat a piece of cast iron on a rack set 6 inches from the broiler's heat source for about 20 minutes. Add the fish steak and cook until done to your liking; immediately transfer to serving dishes. Let rest 5 minutes, then top with the citrus glaze and serve hot.

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Shrimp and Crawfish Stuffed Peppers

Shrimp- and Crawfish-Stuffed Peppers

This easy recipe comes together in about 30 minutes, then roasts undisturbed for another half an hour. Comfort food for the cold weather we have coming in this weekend!

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Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan

Too many chicken parmesan recipes ruin the beautiful crust on the chicken by smothering it in marinara sauce. In this dish, the marinara is on the bottom, thus maintaining some of the crunch. I'd serve it with hot spaghetti that's been tossed with plenty of freshly grated Parmesan.

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