January 21, 2022

Susan Ford



Brrr!!! It was almost 65 when I woke up at 5:00 yesterday morning; by the time I started out to the grocery store at 9:30 it was 52, 50 by the time I got home, and it dropped into the 30s overnight. At least we didn't get the freeze some of our northern neighbors did... I'm not a fan of cold weather.

Because it was so chilly, I went looking for cozy recipes for this week's menu selection. The one with beans and sausage is a favorite, and a quickie. The other two are a little more labor intensive, particularly if you take the time to make your pasta sheets from scratch for the lasagna. Pro tip: The Cajun Shrimp Stew can be prepared up to the point of adding the shrimp, cooled, and refrigerated overnight. Finish it up the following day; everyone knows these sorts of dishes are much better as leftovers. Enjoy the recipes, stay safe and healthy, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind

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January/February 2022

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Cajun Shrimp Stew

Emeril's Cajun Shrimp Stew

From Emeril's cookbook Sizzling Skillets & Other One-Pot Dinners, this classic recipe is great for a cold night like the ones we're in for over the next few nights. It takes close to 2 hours start to finish, but most of that is simply keeping an eye on the pot while it simmers. Serve over hot cooked rice with plenty of French bread.

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White Beans with Italian Sausage

White Beans with Italian Sausage

This is a dish that's in frequent rotation around here. It calls for canned beans, but by all means cook them from scratch if you have the time. Sub out navy beans if you'd prefer. Note that I often add in roasted red peppers or thinly sliced roasted tomatoes if I have them on hand. A good chunk of crusty Italian bread is a must.

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Jim's Three-Cheese Lasagna

Jim's Three-Cheese Lasagna

This is Jim's long-standing recipe for lasagna, and the one against which he judges all other. It's a celebration of good pasta and great marinara sauce-- and of course a trip to the Italian deli to buy top-quality cheeses. He doesn't make this very often, but when he does, I take the time to make fresh egg-enriched pasta sheets for it.

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