July 13, 2017



One of the many side benefits of doing what I do for a living is that I get to meet people all over the state who want me to try or taste a little something that's dear to them. We ordered 5 pounds of cayenne peppers from Mr. Randal Rodriguez to make my friend Debbie's delicious chow chow with during my stay with her in Breaux Bridge last weekend. (Cajun chow chow is made with cayenne peppers ground with a few secret ingredients and pickled in vinegar.) Mr. Rodriguez wouldn't take payment, wanted me to taste his home-grown produce. I have never seen such big, beautiful cayennes! If you find yourself anywhere near the area, contact him for fresh produce- corn, peppers, okra, etc. You'll find more information on his Facebook page here.

Now I'm making plans for what to do with 12 half-pints of chow chow. It'll be ready to eat in a few more days, and a select few of my friends may get lucky. Meanwhile, I put some of the candied jalapeños lefet over from the July/August issue on my Creole tomato BLT last night... The old-timers say eating hot peppers in the summer helps keep you cool, something that is very welcome in south Louisiana in July. The hotter, the better, I say.

Enjoy this week's recipes, share them with family and friends, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind. Have a great weekend.


Susan Ford

Susan Ford, Publisher

Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

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Shrimp Stuffed Tomatoes

Shrimp-Stuffed Tomatoes

This is from Chef John Folse's After the Hunt; it calls for Creole tomatoes, but use any ripe, bursting-with-flaver summer tomato if you don't have access to Creoles. This calls to serve it as an appetizer, but I use big tomatoes and call it an entrée perfect for a hot day.

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Sweet Pepper Cream Shrimp

Sweet Pepper Cream Shrimp

Chef Paul Prudhomme made personal dietary changes in mid-way through his career and lost a lot of weight -- but of course in a tasty manner. He published Fork in the Road in 1993, and it is an impressive collection of flavor-packed recipes that are very healthy. He offers an interesting technique for de-fatting any stock; you'll find it linked from the tip at the end of my note above.

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Caribbean-Marinated Pork Tenderloin

Caribbean-Marinated Pork Tenderloin

This is a quick, flavorful dish perfect for a hot summer night; the marinade doubles as a salad dressing, and can also be used on chicken, shrimp, or fish steaks. Don't marinade fish or shrimp for more than 8 minutes as the acid will begin to 'cook' the delicate flesh.

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