May 28, 2021

Susan Ford


Memorial Day, as a kid, marked the official start of summer. School was out, the weather was almost hot enough to go swimming--after we finished picking and cleaning whatever vegetables were ripe in the garden and other chores left for us--, and we were free to roam. Our summer break was less than 3 months, but it seemed like forever when I was that age.

This year, as we're slowly emerging from pandemic isolation, I don't have much planned for the holiday weekend. It's going to be hot and sunny, though, so there will definitely be some grilling going on at least one day.

I had grilling in mind when I selected this week's recipes: An easy, crazy-delicious grilled shrimp skewer that can be eaten straight up, served over pasta or in a taco, or, if steak is on your menu, alongside that for surf & turf. I've linked the ever-popular "Best Damn Chicken I Ever Ate" from Chef Paul Prudhomme, and an easy but oh-so-tasty recipe for baby back ribs. Enjoy the recipes below, stay safe and healthy, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind

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April-May 2021

Taste Tammany

Grilled Garlicky Shrimp

Grilled Garlicky Shrimp

This is an easy recipe that greatly benefits from an hour-long marinade in the fridge. They'll grill in just a few minutes; eat them straight up, stuff them in a taco with your favorite salsa, or grill them quickly while your perfect steak rests and serve them together for a spectacular surf & turf.

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Best Damn Grilled Chicken

Best Damn Grilled Chicken I Ever Ate!

That's how Chef Paul Prudhomme described this recipe. I've published this before, and someone inevitably writes so say, "That was indeed the best chicken I've ever made".

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Easy Barbecue Ribs

Easy Barbecue Ribs

These ribs are parboiled in seasoned water, then rubbed, covered, and refrigerated overnight (or up to 3 days) before being finished on a hot grill. They're fall-off-the-bone tender without having to tend a grill for several hours.

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