October 8, 2021, 2021

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National Gumbo Day is Tuesday, and the weather forecast is predicting a high of 85F here in New Orleans for the day; I may have to turn the thermostat down and pretend it's cool enough to make a roux.

I've yet to meet a well-prepared gumbo I didn't like, which is why I enjoy acting as judge for the annual Got Gumbo? cookoff each fall here in New Orleans, benefitting the United Way. I grew up on seafood gumbo from along the Mississippi gulf coast, much different than the gumbo you'll find in southwestern Louisiana. I was served a bowl of smoked duck and andouille gumbo at Café Vermilionville in Lafayette not long after I moved back down here, and it really opened up my eyes; I'd never tasted anything like it, and I was hooked.

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Turkey Bone Gumbo

Turkey Bone Gumbo

File this one away as a solution for all the leftover turkey and carcass over the upcoming holidays. BONUS: It includes a link to the turkey stock I make the day before I roast a turkey. It's very good.

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Smoked Duck and Andouille Gumbo

Smoked Duck and Andouille Gumbo

I first had this dish at Café Vermilionville in Lafayette, not long after I moved back down here. If you don't have the wherewithal to smoke a duck yourself, you can probably find one at a specialty market, or splurge and order one online. You can use the same method with a smoked chicken, but it won't be the same. Good, but different.

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Leah Chase's Okra and Crab Gumbo

Leah Chase's Okra and Crab Gumbo

The photo shoot for this cover was one for the record books; a great Creole cook and a great Cajun cook, talking about gumbo for a few hours. The shoot took place the week after Easter, and Chef Chase traditionally served her Gumbo Z'herbs on Holy Thursday. I asked her how much gumbo she thought she'd cooked in her life and she laughed, "Honey, there's no telling. I cooked 70 gallons of gumbo last week alone." Here's her roux-less okra and crab version. 

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