September 13, 2018

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Soirée Royale, held earlier this week in Opelousas. I was supposed to go judge the competition, but the weather was atrocious, and I opted not to make the drive. When it rains down here, it rains like it means it!

Prejean's took Judges' Best of Show with their Crab and Artichoke Bisque; Whitetails took home the People's Choice with their Brisket Bomb.

I've been judging this competition more years than not for ten years now, and the food coming out of that part of the state just gets better and better. Here's a list of all the winners from the evening; put the area on your bucket list for some dining this fall.

In my world, the holidays are in full swing; we're cooking holiday recipes day after day, and have an impressive lineup planned for the upcoming 2018 Holiday Food Guide. Don't forget that a subscription to Louisiana Kitchen & Culture makes an excellent gift for friends and family -- it's not too early to start your holiday shopping.

For my friends and family in the path of Florence who are not in evacuation zones, stay safe, and make sure you can quickly put your hands on a pair of sturdy shoes just in case you have to unexpectedly and quickly get out in the weather. She's a monster.

Enjoy this week's recipes, share them with family and friends, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind

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Why you should be salting meat well in advance of cooking

Last Week's Recipes:

Chicken StewChef Paul's Bronzed FishStir-Fry Shrimp with

Lemon-Ginger Sauce

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Braised Short Ribs

Braised Short Ribs

Before you say "Holy heck, Bat Man, I'm not making that! It's too long!" read through the method. It's going to take about 30 minutes to brown the ribs all over, but this won't claim your undivided attention. You make the braising liquid behind the ribs in just a few minutes, then put the pot in the oven and walk away. You'll need to turn them every 45 minutes or so, but that's it. 5 minutes to make the glaze, then 10 to 15 minutes to finish everything off. And it's actually better made a day or 2 in advance, making this an excellent choice for a dinner party. And wow, what results. This is from Molly Stevens' well-reserached book "All About Braising."

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Fried Oyster Po' Boy Sliders

Fried Oyster Po' Boy Sliders

ATTN SEC Football Fans: Last week I received a copy of the 2018 "The All New Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook." It has menus and recipes for a tailgate party for every team in the SEC- I was skeptical until I saw it was from Oxmoore House. The LSU menu is Tiger Tasso Skewers. Creole Gumbo, the oyster sliders here, and Mike's Macque Choux. Passable! (The gumbo has a poblano chile in it.)

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Shreveport-Style Stuffed Shrimp

Classic Shreveport-Style Creole

Stuffed Shrimp

This is our take on a closely-guarded recipe from the Shreveport area; while it's not officially sanctioned, it's absolutely delicious.

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Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn

Several readers wrote to tell me they made this recipe, enjoyed it, and intend to make more to give as holiday gifts; have you ever made caramel corn at home? It's surprisingly easy, and not surprisingly addictive; plus, you get to add as many roasted peanuts as you'd like. My Louisiana Kitchen & Culture subscribers will find the recipe on page 50 of the July/August edition; subscribe today and get your own copy. We're offering a trial for just $10.00.

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