11 Nov 2013

What Is Best Bread For Turkey Stuffing

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You want your bread stuffing to bake up soft but still retain some of its shape and absorb enough moisture without becoming too soggy. Investigating the choices showed that baguettes had too high a ratio of crust to interior, leading to a chewy stuffing. The super-fine crumb of Italian loaves became overly soggy, while artisanal breads like ciabatta were simply to tough. The best choice for turkey bread stuffing turns out to be ordinary, easy-to-find sandwich bread, which bakes up soft and nicely retains some shape.

Whatever bread you choose use your oven to dry out bread rather then allowing it to get stale left out on the counter for a few days. The reason, as bread stales at room temperature the molecules of the bread change and the bread becomes hard on the outside but not necessarily dry on the inside, which is what you want. Stale your bread cubes in a 250˚F oven for an hour. This method removes moisture leading to a drier structure that allows the bread to soak up more moisture and a better tasting stuffing.

Thanks to Cook's Illustrated for the tip.



when you get away from NO you will realize how important bread is."french"bread around the country is dense and just doesn't dry out ,it  stays chewy, the crust is impossible - you have to cut it off - all around disaster, By the way drying it in the oven or on the counter - doesnt change the texture or give it that marvelous taste ---wish I could get Leidenheimers here - TN 

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