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    Recipe Title Course Main Ingredients Source
    Baked Cornish Hens Baked Cornish Hens Main Course Cornish hens

    Recipe courtesy of Celestine Dunbar, New Orleans

    Baked Eggs with Crawfish and Mushrooms in Ham Baskets Main Course crawfish, ham, mushrooms

    Recipe courtesy of Chef John Folse

    grits Baked Grits and Cheese Breakfast/Brunch grits, eggs, cheddar cheese, milk

    Recipe courtesy of New Orleans Classic Brunchs, Kit Wohl 

    Baked Gulf Oysters with Country Ham, Braised Greens and Cornbread Crumbs Appetizers oysters, mustard greens, ham, cornbread

    Recipe Courtesy of Chef Lauren White, High Hat Cafe, New Orleans, LA

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Macaroni and Cheese Main Course pasta, milk, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs

    Recipe courtesy of Screen Doors and Sweet Tea by Martha Hall Foose

    Oysters Radosta Baked Oysters Radosta Side Dish oysters, parmesan cheese, romano cheese, white wine, bread crumbs

    Recipe courtesy of Andrea's Restaurant and Catering

    Baked Pork Chops With Cranberries Baked Pork Chops With Cranberries Main Course pork chops, cranberries

    Recipe courtesy of The Gift of Southern Cooking by Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock

    Baked Potato Bites Baked Potato Bites Appetizers potato, cheese, chili, bacon, andouille, sausage, sour cream, green onion, olives

    Recipe courtesy of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

    Baked Rice from Alicante Baked Rice from Alicante rice, chicken, pork, bacon

    Recipe courtesy of Savoring Spain and Portugal

    Baked Stuffed Flounder Baked Stuffed Flounder Main Course flounder, crab, shrimp

    Recipe courtesy of Down the Bayou

    Baked Ziti with Ricotta and Sausage Baked Ziti with Sausage Main Course pasta, ricotta, tomatoes, sausage

    Recipe Adapted from Williams-Sonoma

    Banana Caramel Pie Banana Caramel Pie Dessert condensed milk, bananas, whipped cream

    Recipe courtesy of Jyl Benson, LouisianaKitchen & Culture

    Banana Fritters by Chef Susan Spicer Banana Fritters Breakfast/Brunch bananas, eggs

    Recipe courtesy of Chef Susan Spicer, Bayona Restaurant

    Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, Bananas Foster Bread Pudding Dessert bananas, heavy cream, french bread, eggs, rum, banana liqueur

    Recipe courtesy of The Crescent City Farmers Market Cookbook

    Barbecue Sauce Condiments and Sauces chipotle peppers, ketchup, molasses

    Recipe courtesy of Cochon Restaurant, New Orleans, LA

    Barbecue Speckled Trout Fillets Barbecue Speckled Trout Fillets Main Course trout fillets

    Courtesy of Cajun Men Cook: Recipes, Stories and Food Experiences from Louisiana Cajun Country by the Beaver Club of Lafayette, LA

    Barbecue Pulled Pork and Beef Barbecued Meat for Sandwiches Sandwich beef, pork

    Recipe courtesy of Southern Living Homestyle Cooking

    Barbecued Turkey Hash Barbecued Turkey Hash Breakfast/Brunch turkey, potatoes, eggs, barbecue sauce

    Recipe courtesy of Cooking From A Country Farmhouse

    Huevos Rancheros Basic Black Beans and Huevos Rancheros Breakfast/Brunch black beans, eggs, salsa

    Recipe courtesy of LK&C

    Huevos Rancheros Basic Black Beans and Huevos Rancheros Main Course black beans, eggs, salsa

    Recipe courtesy of LK&C

    Classic Collard Greens Basic Collard Greens Side Dish collards, smoked ham hock

    Recipe courtesy of A New Turn in the South

    Deviled Eggs, Deviled Eggs, Deviled Eggs Basic Deviled Eggs Appetizers eggs, chives, lemons, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise

    Recipe courtesy of Susan Ford, Publisher Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

    Basic Sauce Ravigote Condiments and Sauces mayonnaise

    Recipe courtesy of My New Orleans, by John Besh

    Basic Seafood Stock Basic Seafood Stock Soups & Stews crabs, shrimp, celery

    Recipe courtesy of Susan Ford

    basic spoon bread Basic Spoon Bread Side Dish cornmeal, sour cream, cheddar cheese, eggs

    Recipe courtesy of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

    Basil Pecan Pesto Basil Pecan Pesto Condiments and Sauces basil, pecans, olive oil, parmesan cheese

    Recipe courtesy of Inglewood Farms

    Battered Fried Crawfish Tails, Fried Crawfish Tails, Fried Crawfish Tails Battered Fried Crawfish Tails Appetizers crawfish, eggs, evaporated milk, corn meal

    Recipe courtesy of Cajun Cuisine cookbook

    Be My Clementine Cocktail Be My Clementine vodka, clementine juice, satsumas, Cointreau

    Recipe courtesy of Grey Goose Vodka

    Bechamel Sauce Bechamel Sauce Condiments and Sauces butter, milk, flour

    Recipe courtesy of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

    Beef and Andouille Burgers with Asiago Cheese Beef and Andouille Burgers with Asiago Cheese Sandwich ground beef, andouille sausage, asiago cheese, roasted red peppers

    Recipe courtesy of "Bon Appétit" cookbook

    Beef Noodle Salad Beef and Noodle Salad beef, cucumber, mint, cilantro, noodles

    Recipe courtesy of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

    Beef Fajitas Beef Fajitas Main Course skirt steak, salsa, roasted peppers

    Recipe courtesy of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

    Beef Fajitas with Southwestern Rice Beef Fajitas with Southwestern Rice Main Course beef, sirloin

    Recipe courtesy of Bite Me by Julie Albert & Lisa Gnat

    Beef Mushroom Barley Soup Beef Mushroom Barley Soup Soups & Stews stew meat, red wine, beef broth, barley, mushrooms

    Recipe courtesy of Rouses

    Beef Stew With Herbed Dumplings Beef Stew With Herbed Dumplings Soups & Stews beef chuck, beef stock, chiles, potatoes, yams, parsnips, leeks, mushrooms

    Recipe courtesy of Lodge Cast Iron Nation, Great American Cooking from Coast to Coast

    Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches with Truffle Butter Sandwich beef tenderloin, arugula, truffle butter, baguette, Parmesean

    Recipe courtesy of Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics by Ina Garten

    Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Stuffing Main Course beef tenderloin, blue cheese, spinach, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, mushrooms, chicken broth

    Recipe courtesy of Perfect One-Dish Dinners

    Tenderloin Lump Crab Bernaise Beef Tenderloin with Jumbo Lump Crab and Bernaise Main Course beef tenderloin, crabmeat, bearnaise sauce

    Recipe courtesy of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

    Beef Vegetable Soup Beef Vegetable Soup Soups & Stews chuck roast, cabbage, beef stock, tomatoes, turnips, potatoes, peas

    Recipe courtesy of Chef Paul Prudhomme's Pure Magic Cookbook

    Beer Batter Beer Batter Condiments and Sauces beer, flour, egg

    Recipe courtesy of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

    Beer Cornbread Muffins Beer Cornbread Muffins Bread cornmeal, eggs, beer, buttermilk, cheddar cheese

    Recipe courtesy of Mastering The Art of Southern Cooking

    Beer Poached Vermillion Bay Sweet Shrimp over Mixed greens Beer Poached Vermillion Bay Sweet Shrimp over Mixed greens Salad shrimp, beer, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, olive oil

    Recipe courtesy of Chef Colt Patin, Chef Instructor at Louisiana Culinary Institute

    Beer-battered Catfish Beer-battered Catfish Main Course catfish fillets, beer

    Recipe courtesy of Bon Appétit cookbook

    Beer Battered Onion Rings Beer-Battered Onion Rings Side Dish onions, eggs, beer, milk

    Recipe courtesy of Diner by Diane Rossen Worthington

    Bellini Beverage proseco, peach puree

    Recipe courtesy of Jyl Benson

    Belvedere Lemon Tea Belvedere Lemon Tea Beverage belvedere lemon tea, tea, lemons

    Recipe courtesy of Belevedere Vodka

    Berry Pudding with Cream Berry Pudding with Cream Dessert blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cream, lemons, bread

    Recipe courtesy of Cooking in the Moment by Andrea Reusing

    Hollandaise Sauce Besh Basic Hollandaise Sauce Condiments and Sauces lemons, eggs, white wine

    Recipe courtesy of Chef John Besh, New Orleans, LA

    Besh Basic Pie Dough Besh Basic Pie Dough Dessert flour, butter

    Recipe courtesy of Chef John Besh

    John Besh Barbeque Shrimp Besh BBQ Shrimp Main Course shrimp, heavy cream

    Recipe Courtesy of Chef Jared Tees, Besh Steak, New Orleans, LA