April 5, 2018


Garlic nirvana-- I've been working on recipes for the May/June issue for months now, and it's going to be filled with fresh produce, lots of food cooked on the grill, most of it quick and simple, and all of it bursting bright fresh flavors. I'm going to encourage you to learn how to make your own flatbread, which you can easily cook on a hot grill, because it's so easy, and so good. There's a sauce to go along with the grilled meats and breads that has 8 ounces of garlic in it -- that's ounces, not cloves! -- that I like so much I may have hit my personal daily garlic consumption level best earlier this week. And I'm like my friend Debbie, in that if a recipe calls for 2 cloves of garlic I automatically reach for 4.

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We have friends visiting from San Francisco this week, and I'm heading over to Henderson to judge the annual Guidry Family Reunion cooking competition. You know I'm in for some good food! Enjoy this week's recipes, share them with family and friends, and, as always, let me know what's on your mind

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Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo

Don't pass on by, thinking "ugh, who'd want that gluey gloppy mess??" This is the real deal, developed by Alredo De Lelio in 1920s Rome, and rumor has it he first made if for Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Use the best pasta, cream, butter, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese you can find. And don't overcook the chicken!

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Fiery Jerk Chicken

Fiery Jerk Chicken

Don't let the long list of ingredients deter you from this delicious dish; the prep is mainly just measuring out ingredients into the blender. The salsa can be made while the chicken is grilled. Serve with rice cooked in coconut milk with some black beans mixed in, and pass lime wedges at the table. Tip- if some of your diners don't care for the heat, make the marinade as directing excluding the peppers. Pour half of the marinade over half the chicken, then blend remaining marinade with as many peppers as you'd like for those who like it hot (me!).

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Fried Grouper Sandwich


Fried Grouper Sandwich

Some days, there is nothing more satisfying than a fried fish sandwich. The thought of one immediately brings the beach to mind -- sandy toes, waves rolling in, gulls crying overhead. If you're pining for a beach vacation, live one vicariously through this sandwich. Bonus- there's a tartar sauce included that you'll find many uses for.

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Crawfish Pasta with Lemon Cream

You'll find many other uses for the delicious Lemon Cream Sauce; plus the whimsical crawfish-shaped pasta from D'Agostino's makes it super-fun to eat. This recipe is available to paid subscribers and newsstand customers only; you'll find it on page 20 of the March/April 2018 issue of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture. Subscribe today, and get your copy next week.

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LA Cajun Bayou`

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